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New contract secured for innovative drill core scanner

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has acquired an advanced analytical instrument for their Geoscience Drill Core Laboratory under a new agreement with Swedish analytical instrument developer, Minalyze AB.

Produced in Sweden, the Minalyzer CS instrument is the only instrument that provides full digitalisation of drill cores and other drill samples. The Minalyze instrument´s continuous XRF capability provides geochemistry for any interval and high-resolution images. The data generated also enables specific gravity estimates, semi-automatic generated RQD and digital structural logging.

Minalyze has also recently released the world´s first web based cloud solution, minalogger.com for viewing of cores in 3D.

Annelie Lundström CEO Minalyze AB says: ”We’re pleased to grow our agreement with CSIRO. This is a strategic collaboration for Minalyze and enables us to expand into new business models. In addition to our service model we are now selling the instruments to the research and academia market segment.”

CSIRO has one of the largest mineral resources research groups in the world. The research organisation acquired the Minalyzer through a tender process, adding it to a growing suite of analytical facilities in its new drill core laboratory in Perth, Western Australia.

“We host and provide access to a suite of advanced analytical facilities that enable industry and the research sector to characterise minerals from the corescale through to nano-scale” CSIRO research program director, Dr Louise Fisher said.

“With accurate chemical, mineralogical and petrophysical data on whole drill cores we can drive a more informed and representative approach for analysis and sampling of geological materials; feeding into research across the mining value chain from exploration and mine development to downstream processing.” continues Dr Fisher.

Minalyze launched into the Australian market in 2015 and has since then expanded into several states. “Our expansion is very successful, we have instruments integrated in the mining process at Glencore´s mine George Fisher and have instruments installed in the core reference library in South Australia. The agreement with CSIRO marks further success in Australia”, concludes Annelie Lundström.

CSIRO acquires the instrument Minalyzer CS which will be hosted in the Geoscience Drill Core Laboratory in Perth.

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Explore the data sets generated by Minalyzer CS while scanning:
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